Compliance is changing

Attaining & Sustaining Compliance

About The Event

Attaining compliance is the first milestone on a compliance journey, not the end goal. Whilst the world is in a panic about the impending enforceability of the GDPR regulation, our experience tells us that this is just the beginning.

Many organisations are too busy adapting their existing approach to compliance matters to accommodate new requirements, that they don’t stop to evaluate if there’s a better way. However, the GDPR requirement reaches beyond documentation, imposing obligations that strike to heart of an Organisation’s People, Processes and Technology.

We invite you to join us on the 17th of May where we will be discussing the approaches to attaining and demonstrating compliance by showing:

  • We know what we need to do to be compliant – Modelling business compliance
  • We know how we operate in a compliant manner – Documenting compliance
  • We can prove that the what and the how is what we doEvidencing compliant execution

Benefits of a unified approach include:

  • Accelerated adoption by the Business of Business Process Ownership
  • Requirement, Risk & Controls aligned to the business context
  • More efficient Compliance efforts
  • Greater Transparency & Visibility of Organisational efforts

We will hear a first-hand account of a recent journey undertaken by our key note speaker, David Sayer, who will share the experience of an accelerated approach to meet licence requirements within a National Organisation.

We will then share exclusively with you a demonstration of the latest iGrafx modules to accelerate Risk & Compliance efforts – the iGrafx GDPR Suite & Risk & Opportunity Process Excellence (ROPE).


The Speakers

David Sayer
Business Transformation Consultant, Operator of the UK National Lottery
Trevor Moore
Director, iGx Solutions Ltd.
Stefan Hessenbruch
Director of Customer Success EMEA, iGrafx GmbH


Registration & Coffee
Evidence Based Compliance in 3 Steps: Document Compliance, Modelling Compliance, Evidencing Compliance
Trevor Moore & Stefan Hessenbruch
Enabling Evidence Based Compliance: Capability to deliver business benefits, Business buy-in, Accelerated Implantation
Trevor Moore
Key note: Licence Compliance - A Customer Use Case
David Sayer
Introducing: New iGrafx Modules Demonstrated - iGrafx GDPR Suite, iGrafx Risk & Opportunity Process Excellence (ROPE)
Stefan Hessenbruch
Lunch & Networking
1-2-1 sessions
Available slots for specific demonstrations & customer engagements

Save Your Seat

Free registration for iGrafx/iGX Solutions customers and prospects (non-consulting companies). Consulting companies have to pay a participant fee. Please, contact us for more information.  

The Venue


Victoria London SW1V 2QQ